Monday, May 04, 2009

Coming soon: Budda's Day & Multicultural Festival

We're rolling 'round to mid-May and that means it's time for Buddha's Day and Multicultural Festival! Michael and I haven't yet been but we're looking forward to attending this year's celebration, which is happening in Melbourne in Federation Square next weekend.

The food stalls promise to be amazing - check out what Buttons and Kristy gobbled down last year, and what Mellie and EG sampled two years ago. There's also Vegi-licious, a series of vegetarian cooking demonstrations featuring lots of Melbourne chefs and running across both days.

Thanks to Jacinta (one of the festival organisers) and regular reader William for giving us a heads-up a few weeks early.


  1. Oooh, might have to join you for this one! Let me know when you're going!

  2. Looks like Sunday lunch time's the go, Lisa! Will try to locate you, Lidia and/or Emily. :-)

    That's a shame, Jackie! I was out of town last year and very disappointed. :-(

  3. Cindy, hope to see you and Michael there! And everyone else who turns up.

    I think i'll have some sort of name-tag on, and a camera hanging off my neck :)

  4. Hope to see you on Sunday, Will. :-)