Monday, November 24, 2008

November 21, 2008: Soulfood III

02/01/2013: Recently Soulfood has changed hands. While the menu's still largely vegetarian, they have introduced meat dishes. This post probably doesn't reflect the current incarnation.

Before hitting a gig in the neighbourhood on Friday night, Michael and I stopped in at Soulfood Cafe for the first time in over a year.

Michael ordered these fajitas ($12.50) from the specials menu. They tasted about as good as they look, but no better.

I had a shot at the marinated tofu burger ($12), and ordered it with tandoori sauce. The texture was much more to my liking than the tempeh burger, but it was a little bland. Turn the plate round, though, and you'll see this:

That's a lot of chips, right? And the good news is they're great chips, second only to the rosemary-seasoned gold standard at Grill'd. If only they came with a big pot of aioli.

I like Soulfood, but I wish I could love it. The staff are hip and friendly, the all-vegetarian menu looks promising and the servings offer value for money - only the meals seem a little hit and miss.

If you think you've sampled one of their greatest hits, tell us about it! I could do with some menu guidance.

You can read about our previous visits to Soulfood Cafe here and here.


  1. I went to Soulfood a few months ago and found the food pretty "meh". Many of the items sounded great on the menu, but proved bland and uninteresting when served. A pity.

    Those chips look great though!

  2. most of my visits to Soulfood have been at lunchtime and I love their salads but I haven't been there for a while so can't remember anything in particular

  3. I fell in love with Soulfood by going there for a coffee and salad and/or muffin/cake, sitting and reading the papers for hours (sometimes horizontally on their old couches if the hangover required). Their line of sweet goods is awesome and their salads fresh and yummy. The coffee rocks and they understand the importance of offering large lattes as well as standard size. Rock!

    I've only eaten there once recently though. I got the monster vegan breakfast. The scrambled tofu was out of this world, as were the mushrooms. The rest was tasty but nothing really stood out. The serving was huge though, and I think all the different flavours left my hungover brain a little overwhelmed/confused, so I don't feel like I was in a good state to be able to properly review.

    I have to say, their makeover looks schmick but I prefer the crusty vibe they had going a few years back. Now I feel like if I laid down on a couch, eyebrows might be raised.

  4. I am living vicariously here with your delicious food photos....I need a soulfood down the road from me!

  5. Claire, "meh" was precisely the word I was thinking and trying not to use here! Maybe I should have gone with it, now that it's legitimate'n'all. :-D

    Johanna and Lisa, thanks for your tips! Looks like the salads and sweets are where I should focus.

    Hi GBVC! I'm glad you're enjoying the ride. The fact that I have gripes about a neat vegetarian restaurant like this one shows just how spoiled for choice we are in Melbourne!

  6. Had a mate get the soup of the day, he was regretting it once he sore our Tempah Burgers, his soup looked like it was cambels soup straight out of the tin can.

    Our meals were great, but his was definitely a disappointment.