Monday, November 24, 2008

November 19, 2008: Leftover makeover - bean laksa

The beans I'd whipped up as part of our Sri Lankan feast a week before were ridiculously spiced - even by my curry-enthused standards, these were a bit much. Luckily, Cindy had the fine idea of repackaging them as a coconut-milk based soup - a kind of impromptu laksa. We figured the bean seasoning would provide most of the flavour, so I just added a handful of kaffir lime leaves and some onion, along with some sliced carrot, broccolini, cubed tofu and a couple of tins of coconut milk. To bulk things up we threw in the rest of the small amount of yellow rice we still had in the fridge and voila, our leftovers are gone.

This worked out pretty well - the bean seasonings still packed a bit of a punch, but the spice was nicely diluted by the coconut milk and rice. The kaffir lime leaves added a nice aroma to the whole meal, and we happily chomped our way through our big ricey mush for dinner and a few lunches.


  1. I am impressed by your innovations here - esp where laksa is involved! coconut milk does wonders at dealing with spiciness too!

  2. Love getting creative with leftovers :) Well done guys! You'd have to be on a winner with spices, rice and coconut milk.

  3. Johanna and Maffy, thank you! This one was so good it didn't even taste like leftovers. :-)