Sunday, November 16, 2008

November 11, 2008: Vege2go II

Update 27/1/2019: Vege2Go is now trading as a seller of pre-made meals and snacks rather than as a restaurant or cafe.

Vege2go gets its act together a whole lot quicker than this here blogger. I wrote about them back in February, citing their calzoni pastry and chocolate cake as their weaknesses. One short month later (especially short - it was February!), they announced new improved recipes for both in their e-newsletter! I'm not claiming that they were clamouring for my approval in particular, but their webmaster Stefano did us the courtesy of stopping by and leaving a comment. It all combines to paint a picture of vege2go cheerfully absorbing and acting on well-intentioned criticism, no?

So it's with some embarrassment that I admit that it took us nine months to get back there and try those new recipes. So long, in fact, that the calzoni aren't even on the menu any more!

Nevertheless, there were more than enough other dishes to choose amongst. Though I was pretty tempted by the pastry triangles and the mushroom polenta bake, I ultimately went for the arancini with napoli sauce ($8.95). It proved to be a tasty and hearty meal - not excessively oily or cheesy.

Michael ordered the sides for both of us by going for a discounted meal - a main and two sides will set you back $14.95. The vegetable lasagne, radicchio pear salad and rocket explosion salad (pictured up top) all hit the spot.

We could, nay, should have returned home without dessert, but I was keen to compare the current version of the chocolate raspberry cake ($6.50) with the previous one. It features a crunchy dark choc top and some light soft vegan cake. Though the texture's wonderful, I thought the cake was too light on the chocolate and raspberry.

Once at the dessert counter, I was overwhelmed with the variety of treats available and recklessly bought a second item, this choc hazelnut tiramisu ($6.50). Of all the things I've eaten out of disposable plastic in my life, this is the best. (And given that I ate it at vege2go, there's half a chance that plastic's getting recycled!) Be warned, though - it's a generous serving and you're best advised to share it with a trusted friend. Just be sure you trust them, mind, otherwise you'll be fighting hard for that last mouthful!

Vege2go still do a fine line in convenience food and I admire their commitment to evolving and improving. While they won't be winning haute cuisine awards any time soon, I'd nominate them as the most unceasingly cheerful, friendly and helpful staff I've encountered in Melbourne. And that's something to come back for!


  1. I ate there a few times, generally I find them a bit expensive and (as you noted) not overly exciting. But they are filling a great niche and I feel like they're aiming at families who would rather spend their takeaway dollars on something healthy so I guess it works for them. That said, I pop in now and again to pick up a snack. I still haven't tried their parma, but I intend to do so soon - probably with the radicchio pear salad on the side (yum). And I agree the service is always fantastic. In the handful of times I've been there it's always been cheerful and helpful.

    Their menu set-up and some items changed after we reviewed them for The Veg Food Guide so their entry is a little out of date. Doh!

  2. I've gone there a couple of times - I love the salads especially the garlic tossed broccoli and potato salad - MMMM! :D

  3. I still haven't managed to get there but have at least worked out where they are and hope that maybe one day I'll get to sample their food!

  4. Lisa, I agree entirely. They don't quite fit what I'm usually looking for when I eat out, but I hope there's a family/takeaway market out there for them! Though their menu changes a bit, they seem to keep their website up-to-date.

    Mel, I can imagine vege2go suiting your style - glad you've already discovered it. :-)

    Johanna, it's worth at least one visit - a good option after a long day at work when you can't face cooking. :-)

  5. i love vege2go salads: the radicchio and pear is delicious! i actually find that the mix of 3 salads for $10ish is filling and not-too-expensive. i agree that some of the other items on the menu are overpriced, though.

  6. Hiya Nixwilliams! I have always been impressed with the array of salads too - maybe I should just concentrate on them next time. Well, them and dessert. :-D

  7. yum food but a bit overpriced expect to pay over $15 for a meal. I compare prices to other vegie places like the vegie bar down in brunswick st

  8. Clean, friendly staff and good food but too expensive for vegetarian. I have noticed the prices have gone up 2-3 times since they opened a year ago and personally i dont think its worth it, but i do drop in sometimes

  9. i agree with the last commenter - i've been back a couple of times in the last month, and it seems everything is more expensive. i wouldn't mind because it's still delicious, but the atmosphere of the place is nothing to write home about - plastic chairs, prints on the walls, bland radio music . . . it's extremely clean, but if i'm paying that much for a meal, then i'd like to eat it at a nice table. if it's takeaway, then i'm sorry, but i don't want to pay that much for something in a plastic container!