Tuesday, November 18, 2008

November 15, 2008: Shakahari V

We had Doof and Melissa visiting from afar on Saturday, and figured we couldn't really go wrong with a lunch at Shakahari. We've blogged our love of this place many times before, so I won't ramble on again - it's super. The added bonus for this trip was the sunny, daytime weather and the resultant use of Shakahari's really quite fetching courtyard area. There's not many better ways to spend a sunny Saturday than parked out at picnic tables waiting for lunch to arrive. Particularly when lunch is this:

It's called 'Green with buccatini' ($19.50), and is a durum wheat semolina pasta tossed in a basil almond pesto, with pan-seared greens, topped with shredded garlic and herb cheddar style soy cheese all slathered with a reduced lemon myrtle tomato sauce.

It was even better than it sounds - filled with fresh asparagus and broccolini, it even let me pretend I was being healthy.

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  1. hard to believe last weekend was so summery - bet that there aren't many keen to sit in the courtyard today - have never been outside at Shakahari but your posts keep reminding me I must must go there soon

  2. Yep, last weekend's sun seems a long time ago! This was our first visit to Shakahari's courtyard, and I hope it won't be the last. :-)