Monday, April 14, 2008

April 6, 2008: Leftover makeover - mocha cupcakes

One of the reasons I made the chocolate raspberry sandwich cookies was as a thank-you gift to Tracy and Lee for lending us camping gear for Golden Plains. But a lot of the cookies were just too hard and crunchy, and I left the gift-giving a little too late. Thankfully I did think fast enough to freeze the leftover cookies and icing to recycle them into mocha cupcakes.

The coffee cake is from Nigella's recipe for cappuccino cupcakes, topped with the leftover chocolate icing and sprinkled with cookie crumbs, which were ground up in the food processor. Up early and unadjusted to a world without daylight saving, I had plenty of time to bake and decorate these before meeting up with Tracy and Lee for a 9:30 breakfast!

A quick pre-breakfast taste test.


  1. Mmm mmm! They look and sound great! I shall be trying those!

  2. Thanks! I take it you're the baker? :-D

  3. Adorable! I'm on a cupcake binge at the moment, and I shall have to try Nigella's cupcakes if they come recommended! I like the cookie crumb touch too :)

  4. Thanks Ellie. :-) I really like Nigella's cake recipe here, but be warned that some of her icing recipes are super sugary!