Wednesday, April 16, 2008

April 10, 2008: Green Pepper

Update 27/1/2019: Green Pepper is closed (Red Pepper is still worth a visit though)

On Thursday night we met up with Mike, Jo-Lyn, Tracy and Lee to check out the weeknight showing of the game on exhibition at ACMI. But first we needed food, fast! I coerced the group into trying Green Pepper - I wanted to compare it to its sister Red, while everyone else was just happy to eat curry.

Green Pepper has been fitted out with noticeably more care and expense, with coloured walls, tasteful decorations and wooden furniture sparkling with varnish. However the counter service, menu and prices appear identical to those at Red Pepper. For the sake of comparison, I ordered the same malai kofta with two naans ($9). It appeared without the raw onion and salty lassi sides (and I didn't miss them). These kofta certainly didn't come out of the same kitchen - although I liked these dumplings more, the gravy was oilier and less impressive. Michael's mystery paneer curry (they were all out of greens so he didn't get the palak paneer he initially ordered) was similarly oily. But the naans were just as fresh and delightful as at Red Pepper!

Although the service was quite prompt, we took our time over food and conversation and decided not to throw $15 each at ACMI for only an hour's entertainment. Maybe next week we'll prioritise the exhibition and forage afterwards.

Address: 18 Bourke St, Melbourne CBD
Ph: 9662 2693
Licensed and BYO wine
Price: veg mains $5-10

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