Saturday, April 19, 2008

April 12, 2008: Mr Tulk III

Cindy and I had some serious camping gear shopping to sort out, on the last day of Kathmandu's Easter sale, and needed to find somewhere vaguely nearby to fill up on breakfast - you can't buy a tent on an empty stomach after all. We've not mastered the weekend breakfast in the city - a lot of the good places are set up to cater to the Monday to Friday office workers and take a well-earned break on the weekend. The Cheap Eats didn't offer us many new ideas, so we settled for a third trip to Mr Tulk. The trendy and welcoming interior has somehow tricked me into thinking that Tulk has a breakfast bounty to rival some of our local favourites. For some reason, however, it the menu didn't quite do it for me - none of the egg dishes caught my eye, so I settled for a simple avocado on toast. The avo was fresh and generously slathered on some plain toast - a small sliver of lime and a dash of salt and pepper completed the dish. It was excellent, and reasonably good value at $9.50.

Cindy opted for something from the cabinet: an almond croissant (at a slightly steep $4.50) and something from the menu: seasonal fruit salad with honey yoghurt ($9). The fruit salad fell well short of what you'd expect for almost $10 - some chunks of melon and a strawberry with a glob of yoghurt on top. The yoghurt was clearly top quality, but the fruit was a pretty dull selection, and not particularly fresh - a subpar performance. The croissant at least provided the quality to go with the price - buttery, nutty and rich - still probably slightly overpriced though.

So not a complete success - Mr Tulk is still a lovely place just to sit and sip a coffee on a Saturday morning, but the breakfast didn't quite hit the highs we've come to expect. Any tips for cheap, veg-friendly breakfast places in the CBD that open on the weekends would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. That avo picture looks beautiful - I feel a craving coming on.

    As for cheap breakfast places, it's not sophisticated, healthy or chilled-out but chowing down a New York (vegan) breakfast burger from Lord of the Fries is my current favourite cbd brekky experience.

  2. City breakfast is such a jerk!

    I've been thinking of trying Two Fingers on Russel St for awhile, if I do, I'll let you know how it goes!

  3. Hey guys!

    I've given you an "E for Excellent" award! Check out my blog for details!

    xox Sarah

  4. Lisa, the avos are so good right now! Michael and I are both huge LOTF fans and I'm keen to try their breakfast burgers. However last time I checked, they're only available on weekdays - not so convenient for us. :-(

    Hiya Buttons! I think there are probably some good weekday city breakfasts on offer for the suits, but us weekenders are missing out. I haven't heard of Two Fingers before, will watch out for your review. :-)

    Hey, thanks Sarah!! We are most chuffed. Will pass on the blog love soon. :-)