Sunday, April 27, 2008

April 19, 2008: Ying Thai 2

I've visited Ying Thai 2 on several occasions, yet this is the first time it has appeared on this blog. The meals I've had there have been spontaneous outings with friends but not a camera, or on lazy nights with Michael when even photographing the food feels like too much work.

This occasion was instead a lazy Saturday lunch with a camera. I picked Ying Thai because I like their reduced-portion, reduced-cost lunch specials.

Although there are noodles and soups and stir-fries available, it's all about the curry really. Michael had the vegetable Kao Gang Dang (red curry, $8.90), with rice. He lapped it up as happily as he does most curries, remarking on the generous supply of tofu.

I ordered the vegetable Kao Gang Panang ($9.90), copping the extra $1 in cost for the luxury of roti instead of rice. I love dipping it in the spicy coconut milk broth, though it does get a bit oily and it's difficult to get through all the sauce in this way. It's best undertaken when you've convinced your eating companion to order rice and go halves! (See above.)

Ying Thai 2 is loud and a little obnoxious, all fluorescent colours and yelling over the noise and busy, somewhat inattentive staff. But it has reinvigorated my taste for Thai style curries, and I hear that it's actually quite authentic. We're lucky to have it in our neighbourhood.

Edit 16/06/08: We were back to take advantage of the lunch special last Saturday and discovered after ordering that the vegetable curries actually contain fish sauce. Damn! No more Kao Gang Panang for me.

Address: 110 Lygon St, Carlton
Phone: 9639 1697
Licensed and BYO wine
Price: veg lunch specials $7.90-9.90


  1. the fron of it looks so warm and inviting!

  2. Funny, bean_mix, as a Queenslander I always find glassed-over shops with shut doors uninviting (give me a verandah any day). :-D Of course it makes sense in this climate, and the colours are certainly welcoming!