Wednesday, April 16, 2008

April 7, 2008: Figs

A dessert of figs, a few drops of agave syrup, and a generous spoonful of strangely granular mascarpone.


  1. Hmmm... i think i'd have taken that mascarpone back. In general, it's a bit stiff what producers give us, masquerading as mascarpone (take a peek at the ingredients).

    I'm interested to know why you used agave syrup:)

  2. your figs look incredibly good to eat and pleasing to the eye! I see so many tempting fig recipes but my mind goes blank when I see them in the shops

  3. Pish posh, Duncan, the mascarpone tasted fine. :-D I'm not much of a fan of honey, and I've recently bought agave as an alternative. I like its flavour a lot but it's really expensive, so I've held off baking with it so far!

    Hi ...FWMTS! I just bought them from my local fruit shop on Lygon St. Their season is short though - just yesterday I noticed that punnets of the same size are 50c dearer than the one I bought!

    Johanna, I've not been much of a fig eater before either. When I saw them this time I decided I'd just go with minimal prep so I could really taste the fruit. :-)

  4. I looooove figs, but they're still so expensive that I've held off buying them as yet. As for the mascarpone, it looks very suspiciously like it has been frozen and thawed - freezing cream cheese or mascarpone and defrosting it separates the firmer curds from the excess liquid. I definitely would've taken it back :/

  5. Frozen mascarpone? Good theory, Ellie. That's what I get for impulse buying it at the supermarket. :-)