Sunday, April 06, 2008

April 4, 2008: Friday Featre Food - Ten Ren's Tea Time II

01/12/2012: Ten Ren has been permanently closed now.

Some comments banter over at She's a Screaming Suffragette had filled Cindy with enthusiasm for a return to Ten Ren's Tea Time. I'd got over the scary beefiness of their faux-beef rendang curry and decided that it worth trying their highly recommended vego fish dish. Cindy concurred and, for once, we both ordered the same main - the vegetarian lemon fish with rice ($8.80). I had visions of something saucy like the 2007 vego dish of the year at White Lotus. Instead, we got a bowl of plain rice, three small vegie accompaniment plates (some sort of cubed potato, cucumber and a cabbagey mush) and a serve of dry 'fish' slices. The 'fish' had a hint of lemon and some vaguely seafoody saltiness, but it was so dry that it really didn't go well with the rice - I had to spread the accompanying dishes pretty thinly to flavour up the rice enough for my tastes. To be honest, I can't really see the appeal of this fish-dish - it's dry, only lightly flavoured and not particularly fishy. Ah well, it was worth a shot.

Of course we couldn't visit Ten Ren's Tea Time without sampling some of their eighty million varieties of tea. We both went for ice teas - the lychee green tea for Cindy ($5.50, on the left) and the watermelon green tea ($5, on the right) for me. Mine was lightly sweetened with a hint of watermelon-y flavour, which didn't overwhelm the essential tea-ness of the drink. Cindy's lychee tea on the other hand was so strongly lychee flavoured that a couple of sugary sips were all I could handle. Cindy didn't seem to mind it too much though.

I think we've probably done our dash with Ten Ren now - there are too many other cheap CBD food options.

Read about our previous visit to Ten Ren's Tea Time here.


  1. Despite all the enthusiastic commemts banter upon my blogspace, I still haven't tried Ten Ren's vege-fish - and now after reading this I'm a little scared to! Although I have a mad love for the lychee green tea, it's hits my sweetness quotient perfectly!

  2. What a dilemma, Hayley, with Jen on one side and Michael and I on the other! Surely you have to try it at least once for yourself.

    Michael and are are split on the lychee green tea, though - I can't get enough. :-)

  3. Oh I'm definately going to have to try some in the future - Jen will see it as a challenge to my tastebuds!

    Oh hideously sweet beverages, I will never get sick of you!