Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Don't tell the Office of Film and Literature Classification, but it turns out we've been publishing all this time without a rating! Thank goodness Sarah and Mellie so kindly stepped in to bestow us with an E for Excellent. It's particularly gratifying to receive this from a couple of cool cookin' Melbourne gals who've been blogging a while longer than Michael and I - I've been reading their edible exploits since we first moved to the food capital of Australia.

In turn, I want to pass on the blog love to Yeah, That "Vegan" Shit and Hezbollah Tofu. These folks are rebellious and funny, proof for all the interwebs that veganism is one part compassion, six parts delicious swashbuckling adventure and zero parts self denial.

If you've got even more blog-browsing time at your disposal, take a stroll through all the Melbourne-based food blogs I've linked in the sidebar. They are brimming with enthusiasm for everything edible this city has to offer, and they're a treasure trove of restaurant recommendations and rave-worthy recipes.