Friday, March 14, 2008

March 8-10, 2008: Golden Plains

Summer is on its way out, but there was still time for a late bout of sun, music and grubby tent-living at Golden Plains music festival. With a total fire ban in force, we simply packed muesli bars, rice crackers and a LOT of water for sustenance. The stalls provided the rest...

For our first meal, I made a beeline for the Hare Krishna tent, ordering a feast plate ($9) and extra koftas ($4). These folks are so consistent in their offerings!

Here's the late-night, overexposed vegie burger ($8) Michael topped up on later.

On Sunday morning most people's first priority was coffee. We were up relatively early, so Michael only had to wait 20 minutes (!) for his.

Then it was another 20 minute wait for vegie brekky wraps ($8 each) and juice. These roti wraps were piping hot and filled with egg, pesto, caramelised onions, tomato and cheese. Best morning-after breakfast. EVER.

For a late lunch I scouted out wood-fired pizzas ($8 each). They were hot, doughy and delicious in the shade, but I really felt for the stall staff, working by the wood fire on a scorching day like this.

Obviously an afternoon ice-cream was necessary. Irrewarra's All Natural gourmet ice-creams were lovely, though their richness was wasted in the heat. My blackberry ($4) and Michael's double-scoop with blueberry ($5) were flecked with lots of real seeds.

Michael had a roasted vege panini for dinner (not pictured), then got a hankering for chips ($5.50) when it was my dinner time.

After assisting Michael with his chips, I tucked into a waffle with berries ($8). It was surprisingly good quality under the circumstances!

This was typical festival food - expensive and not particularly nutritious. However we were impressed by the abundance of vegetarian choices. We didn't even get a chance to sample the nachos, falafel wraps, pasta or slurpees!


  1. Looks like fine festival food. Cindy, I have to ask - was it your best breakfast ever roti with egg etc or Michael's? And how was the festival?

  2. Johanna, I think Michael and I equally found the brekky wraps to be blissful! For my part, the fried egg wasn't too overwhelming. So hot and fresh after a grubby, sleep-deprived night and washed down with a desperately-needed cold orange juice.

    As for the festival more generally, I was really impressed. I didn't feel too old (as I often do now :-/), there were even a few little kids wandering around, and although the alcohol flowed freely, I didn't witness too many of the ugly side effects, in particular no-one being aggressive at all. The music was pretty great, though there were no bands that I'm especially devoted to.

  3. Hi Cindy, here's a review of the Golden Plains food by our 6 year old (vego and GP/MMF regular!)

    What I Ate

    My favourite food at Golden Plains was Chocolate Belgian waffles, scrumptious vege burgers, corn on the cob and a Hare Krishna feast. Tasty, yummy and filling. Mum didn't have to cook because the food keepers sold the meals. Dad didn't have to wash the plates because they were paper plates which went into the compost.

    Me? Well I was a little too busy perving at Jens Lekman to review the food.

  4. Thanks, Rachel, that was great. :-) The waffles were one of my favourites too.

    Jens isn't quite my type, but there did seem to be ladies swooning left, right and centre in the afterglow of his set!