Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Food & Wine Festival Feedback

The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is over for another year, and now its organisers are looking for feedback with an online survey form here. I was actually quite underwhelmed by this year's offerings and in answering their questions I've aimed to make my criticism constructive and to counter it with praise where I think it's due.

If you've had great experiences, attended disappointing events or even elected not to participate at all, the Festival organisers are interested in your opinion. Keep it pointed and polite and you've got every chance of influencing next year's program!


  1. The thing is I'm at a loss to think how it could be better but i guess it's just not my sort of thing to go to. The comedy is much more fun.

  2. Ed, I must admit the word "pompous" did sneak past my personal "keep it constructive" rule! I tried to focus on my preference for events costing less than $30 - I think the set lunches are a great deal and would like to see more demonstrations and forums in that price range.

    Enjoy the comedy festival! We plan to.

  3. Price is the thing I think. We enjoyed Ross Noble although two and a half hours is long. On to Daniel Kitson and hopefully Arj Barker. And that food stuff is sometimes just too serious.