Sunday, March 16, 2008

where's the beef? profiled on I eat I drink I work

For the next ten weeks, this blog is being profiled on I eat I drink I work. This is a new Australian website intended mainly for the hospitality industry to advertise job vacancies. However it also has a frequently updated front page of food stories: blog posts, videos, profiles etc from people who like food. That's why we're on it! (What did you think was happening - that we were packing in our day jobs for the glamour and excitement of hospitality recruitment? Huh.) As well as a little introductory profile, blurbs of everything we write here will appear on the site.

A few other Melbourne-based food blogs already have visible presences at I eat I drink I work, and that's hardly surprising. The site's commissioning editor is dashing macaron hero and blogger Duncan Markham. It'll be interesting to see how what effect (if any) this venture will have on the volatile relationships between food bloggers, the industry and the "dead tree media".


  1. Great - well deserved guys!

  2. Wow, the food blogging scene is alive and well in Melbourne. I think I am the scene here in Canberra. It's a lonely job. LOL!!!

  3. Thanks Lucy! :-)

    KJ, I think the number of active food blogs in Melbourne is testament to our claim that this is the food capital of Australia! I'm pretty sure there are a couple of other Canberra-based food blogs out there but the best bit is that the rest of us can "visit" you and comment anyway. :-)