Sunday, March 23, 2008

March 16, 2008: Tokyo treats - Korean kim chi chocolate

The first of the Tokyo treats given to us by Matt were these little chocolates. They're not actually from Japan at all - Matt picked these up on a recent holiday in Korea. I was pretty skeptical about a savoury cabbage-based delicacy going anywhere near chocolate but I was willing to give this small sample a go just for fun.

These were surprisingly good! The smooth paste in the centre gave no hint of cabbage and was just as creamy as the milky, melty chocolate. But whoa, did these have a spicy kick! Far stronger than any other chilli-chocolate dessert I've eaten (though admittedly I never managed to try the chilli-chocolate cupcakes at Inkari). I rather liked this explosive little package, and was even a little disappointed that I couldn't detect a shot of vinegar.


  1. It's probably no understatement to say that in my house, we are addicted to kim chi. Richard eats it straight from the tub. While every time I'm in the City there's a specific Japanese noodle place I go to, because of their kim chi.

    But kim chi chocolates . . . I'm really not sure about that! They sound very intriguing.

  2. I admit to gasping in horror at the title food... but by the sounds of it this was kimchi by association, rather than reality. Phew!

  3. Kathryn and Duncan, I initially recoiled in just the same way! But the producers of this novelty have thankfully prioritised taste over a loyalty to kim chi in its natural state. :-)