Wednesday, March 05, 2008

March 3, 2008: Tofutti Cuties

Here's another vegan-friendly convenience food, this one an impulse purchase from Allergy Block. Tofutti are the makers of the excellent Better than Cream Cheese, so I had high hopes for their soy icecream sandwiches.

These have probably travelled a long way to get to my mouth, so I was a little disappointed yet not at all surprised to see quite some freezer burn going on. The mint choc-chip icecream was of the quality I'd expect to find in an average commercial icecream like a Choc Wedge: not really creamy but with a nice soft texture. The mint flavour was pleasantly subtle and happily there was no gaudy green food colouring to be seen. I was initially a bit disappointed by the sandwiching chocolate biscuits but soon found them to be quite addictive. The individually-wrapped portions are quite small so there's opportunity for self-restraint. However, I'm finding that I can't help going to the freezer daily for another one...


  1. ...can I live with you? I want ice-cream sammich BADLY
    (we are having a heat wave in adelaide at the moment. PITY ME)
    Have I mentioned I love your blog? :D

  2. Oh, the heat, who thought it would last this long? We're headed for a tough week here in Melbourne, though not as bad as what you've been hit with!

    If I could, I'd let you have the last Cutie in the box. :-)