Saturday, August 16, 2008

August 6, 2008: Strawberry chocolate clusters

While I spent a month away from my workplace, Elise kindly volunteered to organise the seminar schedule in my absence. As I checked my email on holiday and at distant conferences, it was always reassuring to spot one of her friendly messages to the group and know that all was running smoothly.

It's said that one good turn deserves another, and in my workplace good turns are usually edible. So as a small gift of thanks, I whipped up a batch of crunchy chewy chocolate clusters for Elise. This time I used dried strawberries, almonds, coconut and a sprinkle of orange blossom water. The orange blossom water didn't contribute much at all, but the strawberries were lovely. It's lucky that I had only a limited supply of chocolate, or there wouldn't have been any strawberries left for my porridge!


  1. Oohhh, that's positively SINFUL. I'm drooling all over my keyboard.

  2. Oh stop it! That photo is pure temptation. And I can resist anything except temptation.

  3. Your workplace is pretty amazing, Cindy...

    Fresh or dried strawbs?

  4. Maffy and Dani, they are easy and not too naughty - there's only just enough chocolate to bind it all together. Serving them in cupcake-sized papers? Now that would be sinful. :-D

    It is, Lucy - there was homemade bread doing the rounds today! These were dried strawberries - very sweet on their own. I actually liked them more after they'd soaked up that bit of moisture from the porridge. I'm sure there's any number of other soaking liquids (water, fruit juices, wine or liqueur) that could create something even more special!