Tuesday, August 26, 2008

August 19, 2008: Bulghur burgers

I recently spotted this vege burger recipe on melbedggood.com and tagged it 'cause it utilises two foods that have been languishing in our pantry for a while: bulghur and peanuts. With its nutritious ingredients list and oven baking, I was curious to see how these patties would measure up in taste and texture to other recipes we've tried. They have a pleasant nutty flavour and the bulghur doesn't make them too heavy, as I feared it might. However, the patties didn't hold together quite as well as I'd hoped they would. I wonder if a bit of extra oil on the baking tray would help?

I also took Mel's advice in making some barbeque sauce to plonk on top - gold! The recipe requires only a quarter of an onion, so I slow cooked the remaining three quarters in rings as an additional topping. It was a thoroughly enjoyable meal, though not a serious threat to the household reigning burger champion, the chickpea cutlet.


  1. Well, they certainly look Very Good.

    I've both of those things lutking in the pantry, too.

    BBQ sauce you say? Love the stuff.

  2. Lurking...lutking sounds really wrong...sorry, keyboard sticking...

  3. I dunno, Lucy. 'Lutking' sounds like it could be the verb for 'latke' - that, I'd like. :-)

    It's taken a long time for me to come around to bbq sauce (childhood exposure was limited to Smiths crisps and supermarket sauce). Now that I've discovered the home-made variety I'm very much a convert!

  4. Thanks for trying and reviewing it! I had the same problem with the smaller ones crumbling, but when they were a little larger they seemed to stick together a little more.

    I might make a mention of that - thanks! :D

  5. It was a pleasure, Mel! I've noticed quite a few burger-style recipes on your blog so I'm sure this won't be the last one you see here. :-)