Saturday, August 30, 2008

August 30, 2008: Brunetti XI

Update 27/1/2019: Brunetti is still trading, but has moved from Faraday Street into a huge custom-built space inside Lygon Court.

To my delight as much as hers, Katy returned to Melbourne for the weekend as a surprise birthday gift from her boyfriend! We hastily made plans to meet at Brunetti for morning tea. I made a point of ordering the barley-based orzo that Julia recommended, and was a little stumped when asked what kind of coffee I wanted with it. I went with a cafe latte, and received a subtly nutty and sweet drink with a light coffee kick. Having now reread the wikipedia page on orzo, I'm confused as to whether there was actually coffee in the beverage or whether it's just prepared in the same range of styles (latte, long black, etc). Could that twitchy leg I developed afterwards "from the caffeine" be psychosomatic?

To accompany my orzo latte, a mini bomboloni with lemon custard. The perfect little package for an early treat!

Want more Brunetti? We have this and ten other visits archived here.


  1. mmmmm my favorite place for desserts hands down!!

  2. Hi Shellie! I've had hits and misses from Brunetti, this time was a hit. :-)