Tuesday, August 26, 2008

August 21, 2008: Potato and leek soup

Cindy and I had cooked up some vague dinner plan, but when I caught the scent of the potato and leek soup in Radio (which, by the way, has added more options to its lunch menu and is now the clear lunch winner on my end of Gertrude), I cancelled whatever other notions we had and decided that it was time for another soup. After a bit of poking around the internet, we came up with this recipe, from Reynard's Feast, which Danika sadly appears to have stopped updating.

We weren't organised enough to have faux-milk in the house, so our version ended up being non-vegan. Similarly, we were forced to resort to dried sage through general lack of planning. Regardless, this worked out excellently - the mashing of the spuds (rather than blending) makes for a more interesting consistency. So much so that I decided just to mash the cooked leek as well, which meant it retained a slight chunkiness. The mustard gave the milder flavours a bit of an edge, and Cindy topped it all off with some impromptu croutons - not a bad dinner for about half an hour's work.


  1. this looks so delicious!
    i have an aversion to potato and leek soup (its always seemed to me the lemon chicken of soups, if you know what i mean), but this one with its chunks and mustard-ness looks pretty interesting indeed.
    i think you may have won me back over!

  2. spotted: you guys dining at the east brunswick club last night!

    i was going to come up and say hi, but the shyness got to me...

    hope you enjoyed your meal! xo

  3. Bella, this recipe took me by surprise for the same reason - it doesn't even need the croutons, there are plenty of different flavours and textures already going on. :-)

    Argh, Buttons! We were wondering if there might be a vegan blogger or two in the house, but didn't want to squint rudely at strangers. :-) I'm guessing that our inelegant and completely unsuccessful flash photography may have drawn your attention. I can understand your shyness but we'd be stoked to meet you if you see us 'round town again! We'll be returning to the EBC, that's for sure.

  4. Oooo, this looks delicious, I love a nice leek soup (leek always seems to work best in soup, brings out the best in it, I think).

  5. I think leeks are great too, Hayley! More interesting than the chopped onions that play a similar role in so many dishes. I should use leeks more often...