Thursday, October 02, 2008

New in October: The Melbourne Veg Food Guide

This month, local indie publisher Aduki releases the Melbourne Veg Food Guide. As a subscriber to their newsletter, I was alerted to its imminent arrival and pre-ordered a copy. I was thrilled when it arrived in the post almost two weeks prior to the official launch today!

This pocket-sized guide features casual and pithy reviews of (almost) every vegetarian restaurant in Victoria, as well as a handful of choice omnivorous but veg-friendly establishments. Each entry also gives clear location and contact details, opening hours, a price guide, info on the extent of vegan and gluten-free options and numerical scores for food, service, ambience and value for money. I didn't always agree with the scoring - for example, crazy-cheap Camy scores 4/5 on value for money, while White Lotus earns a perfect 5 - but food appreciation will always be somewhat subjective. As a risk analyst by day, I can assure editor Lisa that the 2-page explanation of the ratings system more that covers their/her arse!

Something that's not in the guide that I would have loved to see is a list of non-restaurant stores that offer unusual vegetarian products (e.g. Allergy Block, Organic Wholefoods and Vincent's Vegetarian Food). They wouldn't warrant an entire review each, but I know I'd make good use of a reference list as I continue to explore Melbourne's suburbs. Nevertheless, the Melbourne Veg Food Guide is a nifty veg-focused companion to Cheap Eats and our copy is already showing a few bumps and bruises from frequent use! I'll score it...

Food 4/5
Service 5/5 (speedy home delivery)
Ambience 5/5 (gorgeous design)
Value for $ 4/5 TOTAL 18/20

The Melbourne Veg Food Guide costs $15 and you can order it from the aduki website.


  1. Even though I am not a vegetarian anymore, it is good to know that they have finally released a vegetarian guide. My six and a half year stint still leaves me reading food labels and honing in on vegetarian dishes at restaurants, despite my penchant for jamon.

  2. I agree, Bunches - Melbourne deserves this guide, given the great array of veg*n eating on offer. And it's always good to know what you're eating, vego or otherwise. :-)

  3. Thanks for the awesome review and also being the one person who reads my introduction! We definitely agree that the guide needs to break out beyond just restaurant reviews in the future. Which reminds me, I need to go to Allergy Block this week...

  4. 'Twas a pleasure, Lisa! This is a publication you can be really proud of, I reckon. I like the sound of "in the future" - would love to see an even bigger and better edition in 2010!