Wednesday, October 08, 2008

October 4, 2008: Brunetti XII

Update 27/1/2019: Brunetti is still trading, but has moved from Faraday Street into a huge custom-built space inside Lygon Court.

In their last hour before departing, we introduced Marie and Stephen to Brunetti. Not having yet lunched, Michael and I shared a foccacia patata. It was $5 very well spent - large and warm and bready with a hint of salt, rosemary and olive oil softness.

We didn't waste too much time before hitting the cake display. For Michael, there was a cherry Danish (~$4.50) and a coffee calling out. It tasted almost, though not quite, as good as it looks.

I fell for one of the fancy numbers - I didn't quite catch its name (it had such a soft, breathy voice amongst the din of sweets on show) but I think it's called Alcazari and goes for about $6. It starts with a thin but firm layer of flourless chocolate cake, then features a white chocolate mousse with caramelised almonds and a couple of dark chocolate flourishes. The mousse is really quite impressive; while other delicacies deteriorate from kitchen to plate under the Brunetti model, it retains a featherlight texture with its richness. It's probably a bit more than you or I should try to handle on our own, so bring a friend for this one.

Why yes, this is the twelfth time we've blogged Brunetti. You can read all of our accounts here.


  1. On the strenth of your Brunetti-love I feel like I should visit there again... I prefer the laidback vibe of Tiamo across the road for my soy latte fix.

  2. If you look at the posts, Lisa, you'll find that we only ever go when we have interstate guests to show it to! I actually think Brunetti's more about the spectacle than the quality of the cakes. :-)