Wednesday, October 22, 2008

October 12, 2008: Double P pesto

CERES provided us with some delicious olive oil and rosemary bread and some fresh parsley to turn into a speedy lunch. Throw some pistachios, olive oil, salt and the parsley into the mortar and pestle, grind it all together and serve it up on some freshly sliced bread. If you're feeling gluttonous, you can add a bit of cheese on top. To be honest, parsley isn't the best base for pesto, but this was still a low-effort high-reward lunch. Good times.


  1. Ceres is such a great place & your pesto looks awesome! I'm inspired...

  2. my favorite pesto is definently with rocket, love the peppery finish...mmmm...


  3. Jesska, I think the pistachios are the prettiest! Hope you're eating something fresh, green and gorgeous. :-)

    Hi Catherine! I've eaten a couple of store-bought rocket pestos, but never mind it myself. Something to try, for sure!