Thursday, October 02, 2008

600 posts!

In the two-and-a-bit years since we moved to Melbourne and began where's the beef?, Michael and I have visited 198 different restaurants and tried 270 recipes. Now we've published 600 posts! (Yes, I know that doesn't add up to 600 - it seems this blog is actually 22% ranting and repetition.)

Now that our archive has grown to these ungainly proportions, we thought we'd add a new post to the side bar over there. Called where's the best?, it's a summary of our favourite restaurants and recipes so far. We'll try to keep it up-to-date, adding our new finds and perhaps occasionally taking down picks that fall out of favour.

There's also another new post in the side bar, tucked under that Photoshop disaster that is our profile pic. It's a little introduction to Michael, me and this blog. I always dive straight to the 'About' page when I discover a new blog to befriend, so it seems only fair that we introduce ourselves nicely too.

Thanks to y'all who've stopped by, had a read and said hi. We're always interested in your own edible adventures and love trying your recommendations. It still gives us a real buzz every time someone new leaves us a comment. Perhaps you could take advantage of this milestone of ours by leaving us a comment for the first time, or giving us some feedback about what you like or would like changed about this blog - after two years, we're well overdue for a performance review and maybe a little shake-up!


  1. Well you already know that I love your blog and am always reading. So keep up the good work.

  2. Congratulations!

    It's been great reading :)

  3. Congratulations! That's a lot of posting!

  4. have you been posting three times a day?! that's very impressive.

    since you asked, I love the restaurant and shop reviews. Melbourne is one of my favourite cities (and D and I have plans to move there soon), and I love making note of the places with really fantastic food to try.

  5. Well done Cindy & Mike. I can't remember how I stumbled upon your blog but I've been reading it ever since. I don't even live in Melbourne (or Oz for that matter) anymore - hence I cannot visit any of the great restaurants or cafes you recommend - but I love reading your posts nonetheless.

    To one-thousand posts and beyond!

  6. Hi Cindy and Mike!
    I recently discovered your blog (via diet girl and the cherry ripe post) and my productivity at work has been significantly lower ever since! Have been working my way through your archives...
    congrats and here's to many more!

  7. My husband and I are vegetarians living in Melbourne and we love your blog!

  8. Where's The Beef? is undoubtably my favourite food blog. Whenever someone suggests to me a new place to eat, I automatically go "Hang on! I have to see if Cindy and Michael have been there and what they think." Congratulations, and here's to another 600 posts!

  9. An impressive achievement, lots of inspiration and so much good food! This is one of the first melbourne blogs I found and I still love reading it. The 'best of' is interesting (and useful) reading too!

  10. Hi!
    Love your blog.
    At the risk of playing favourites, I kinda prefer Cindy's posts. Sorry Michael, I just can't trust someone who doesn't love bananas. But your restaurant reviews are tops!
    Thanks so much to the both of you for all your time and effort.

  11. I'm feeling really bad about what I posted above. Michael, I'm so sorry. I love your posts equally.

  12. Thanh, AOF, Maffy - thanks! Meeting local food bloggers like you has really kept my energy up for this caper. :-)

    It is a lot of posting, Dani, but you look to be well on your way to hitting 600 posts in faster time - I'm looking forward to that. :-)

    Hi AVAT! More like 0.8 posts/day. :-) I've been keenly reading your food blog too - wish I'd found it before that trip to Perth last year!

    Hiya dmargster! Where do you hail from these days? It's great to know you're still stopping by, even though the restaurant reviews are less relevant than they used to be. :-)

    Welcome, Linda! Maybe the new best-of post can relieve you of archive duties. :-)

    Hi there Erika! It's lovely to 'meet' you. :-)

    Hayley, this level of power and influence may go to our heads! Perhaps we should start selling W.W.W.T.B.E.? (what would where's the beef eat?) wristbands from this site. :-D

    Johanna, you probably find too that blogging is a great motivation to keep trying new foods - I think there's plenty more to come!

    No harm done, Melinda! The funny thing is, my mum can rarely tell the difference between Michael's and my writing styles - she has to scan for the first "Cindy and I... or "Michael said..." to work it out. :-D We're glad you're tuning in and enjoying the show.

  13. Hi Cindy and Michael, 600 and counting, great work!
    Where's the Beef, Green Gourmet Giraffe and Confessions of a Food Nazi are my regular lunchtime reads and I love them!!
    I love mixing and matching recipes and ideas, even though I don't have a blog I feel like I am part of a food community where fresh ideas are bounced around and keep my tastebuds singing.
    So thanks and keep 'em coming :)


  14. Or fall out of flavour, as the case may be :-)

    Congrats. L

  15. Hi there Catherine! Before blogging, I would never have imagined the sense of community that comes with it - I'm glad the blog-love reaches a non-blogging reader like you too. :-)

    Ha, yes indeed, Lynda! Thanks for popping in and humouring your IRL friend. :-D