Tuesday, July 17, 2007

July 14, 2007: The Rathdowne Street Food Store II

How to show our visitors a good time on a drizzly Melbourne Saturday morning? Brunch of course, and lots of it. With eight people to seat, we had to shop around for a while to find a place that would let us book. Luckily, the Rathdowne Street Foodstore is both convenient and amenable to bookings, so Cindy arranged us a table for 10am. We were tucked in the back corner (which I hadn't even noticed on our previous trip), with just enough space for us all to squeeze in amongst the dozens of cushions.

Comments on our last post convinced Cindy to sample the ricotta hotcakes, with warm honey syrup, poached pear and lavender ice cream ($14.50). She wasn't let down by the recommendations - the pancakes had a rustic weight, the ice cream was interesting without being overly floral and she was very pleased to receive an entire pear (see here for her previous rant about fruit shortages on pancakes). Nice job blog commentors.

As usual, I went for an egg-based treat: poached eggs on toast, with hash browns, baked beans and field mushrooms ($16). The eggs were slightly over poached (not as severely as El Mirage's efforts), the hash-browns were as delicious as Cindy told me they would be and the beans and mushrooms were flavoursome and filling. Even the toast was a winner - one slice of heavy rye and one of multigrain. I was starving, but it filled me up to a tee.

The coffee was great and the service was pretty efficient and friendly. The prices are probably a fraction high, but the Rathdowne Street Food Store is easily the best brekkie option we've found in Rathdowne Village and their willingness to take bookings will surely mean we'll return on future large-grouped breakfast occasions.

Read about our previous visit to the Rathdown Street Food Store here.


  1. oh - that looks so good - this post is pushing me one step closer to rathdowne st food store - it is too long since I have been there

  2. Me, too, Johanna. Love the Rathdowne Stree Food Store

  3. Johanna, I didn't quite believe that the pancakes could be as good as everyone raved but they matched up to my high hopes! It means I will always be conflicted between choosing sweet (good pancakes) or savoury (great hash browns). :-D

  4. Hi Miss Eagle! Glad this lovely cafe hasn't escaped your attention.

  5. Hi Cindy - so glad you tried the pancakes and enjoyed them. It's always a big call to recommend food dishes just in case the kitchen has an off day when your friend visits but I'm glad they came through with the goods! I'm usually a savoury breakfast person but Rathdowne St Food Store is one place where I always know what I'm going to order before I get there!

  6. Melinda, I definitely benefited from your recommendation - thanks for making that call this time. :-)