Sunday, July 15, 2007

4 things (about my day): half a meme

Johanna of Green Gourmet Giraffe has tagged Michael and I for a meme entitled 8 things (about my day). She creatively combined two memes she'd been tagged for into a single post. Instead we'll double the number of posts but mimic her thrift by posting 4 things each.

I'll go first! On Sunday July 15, I:

1. Woke very happily. I went to sleep last night with a crippling migraine and was thrilled to re-enter the world with a clear head. Sun streaming through the north-facing windows in our lounge room made me doubly cheerful.

2. Had two breakfasts. First a small bowl of cereal at home and then, towards lunchtime, a plate from Ray (you can see that in a few posts time).

3. Tried a new food. It was gluten-free pasta in an instant-macaroni-cheese packet. The pasta was fine, but I didn't think much of the bland sauce (just like normal instant macaroni cheese!).

4. Hugged one of my oldest friends. As in longest-known, not most aged! Given that I'm over a thousand kilometres from where I grew up, this is a rare treat.

Now we wait for Michael's tales. Be warned, I may interrupt and start posting about our weekend eating before he gets a word in...


  1. Thanks Cindy - am glad you felt better after your migraine - I am sure two breakfasts and a hug from an old friend helped - I always have to eat something before I leave the house - even if we are going out for brunch - look forward to Michael's half! (and the post about Ray's)

  2. Happy to join in, Johanna. :-)