Thursday, July 19, 2007

July 15, 2007: Ray II

On Sunday morning we had only two hours to show our interstate guests another tasty Melbourne breakfast before they set off home and I entrusted Ray with the task. I should have remembered how popular (and thus, slow) their coffee service is. The laid back atmosphere of Ray is usually just my style but on this day we encountered service that verged on catatonic. L is of a more dynamic bent than I and it shouldn't be surprising, then, that when the wrong dishes were cooked and served to her (and I) and no apology was forthcoming, she was decidedly unimpressed.

On the bright side, Michael and L2 enjoyed their poached eggs with capsicum pesto, spinach, feta and this time, the promised sprinkling of dukkah. S had meatballs and as the calories hit his bloodstream, gradually re-acquired the power of speech. Meanwhile, L's and my chai lattes grew cold as we waited for our new breakfasts. How long does it really take to toast some pide?

As Michael cleared his plate, ours arrived: toasted pide with labna and rosejam ($7). The thick tangy labna is just the foil for the sweet, perfumey and sparingly-drizzled jam. I almost finished the three slices and enjoyed them very much but my ideal version of this breakfast would involve two slices of toast, self-service on the spreads and a bit of poached fruit on the side.

This patchy Ray experience is as much my fault as the staff's - I should have read my guests' need for faster food and more judiciously chosen our venue. But a little extra grace under fire would be a welcome addition to Ray's menu.

Read about our previous visit to Ray here.


  1. sounds like a frustrating visit - once I have to wait a long time I expect more of the food to compensate for the hunger eating away at me! Hope your friends enjoyed the bustle of Sydney Road anyway.

  2. It was a bit frustrating, Johanna, but the food's good enough that I'll be back again for more. :-)