Wednesday, July 25, 2007

July 21, 2007: An edible epilogue

Less than a week after we bid farewell to three Brisbane-based friends, a surprise thank-you gift arrived at our local post office! Inside was a packet of knäckebröd and an avalanche of Daim bites. These became my favourite snacks on a two-month stay in Sweden last year. Knäckebröd are crisp-breads, somewhat like Ryvita, which I enjoyed eating with butter and vegemite. Daim bars are something else again: crisp toffee with a real burnt caramel taste, coated in chocolate. Sticks in your teeth for hours, of course, but what a blissful flavour!


  1. What a lovely gift. Lucky you!

  2. Yes Truffle, and it's so fun and rare to receive a surprise package at the Post Office!