Friday, January 18, 2013

Hello Aubergine

October 30, 2013: Hello Aubergine has sadly packed it in. Pip has moved onto new adventures away from Melbourne.

January 10, 2013

That photo above was my lunch at work this Thursday: a smoked tofu wrap, with chilli relish wrap, tahini cream and a pile of fresh veggies. It was totally vegan, super delicious, delivered to my office by bike and cost me $10. Pretty amazing right?

It's all thanks to Hello Aubergine, a new business that does once a week vegan lunch deliveries in the Fitzroy and Collingwood area. Troy put me onto it, courtesy of this article in Broadsheet, and I put an order in straight away. It's a small business, with a staff of one, a coverage area of two suburbs and one delivery a week. But what's lacking in size is made up for in variety. Looking over the Facebook page is like reading through a cookbook called 'amazing vegetarian lunches' - there are rice paper wraps with chilli ginger tofu, coconut rice salad with lychees and cashews, zucchini lemon and fetta sandwiches, maple marinated tempeh baguette etc etc etc. It's mouth-watering.

My first taste of their wares was very satisfying, if a little messy. The chilli relish and tahini cream had soggied things up a bit, but that was the only problem - the smoked tofu was great, the veggies crispy and bursting with flavour and the two condiments combining into a creamy, spicy mix. Yum. 

Hello Aubergine deliver lunches in Fitzroy and Collingwood (although there are plans to expand) on Thursdays (orders in by 10am Wednesday). There are always two options: something salady and something sandwichy, with at least one of them vegan and pretty regular GF options - keep an eye on their Facebook page for weekly menus. Lunch turns up at your door sometime between 12 and 1. Give it a try - I'll definitely be going back for seconds (and thirds).


It doesn't seem like any bloggers have given Hello Aubergine a go yet - it's a pretty niche market I guess.

Hello Aubergine
Your place! (provided it's in Fitzroy or Collingwood)
All lunches $10
facebook page (this has the menu on it each Monday morning)

Deliveries for lunch on Thursdays, but you need to email you order to by 10am Wednesday.

Accessibility: As accessible as your workplace, home or chosen picnic spot.


  1. That is such a cool idea - I liked them on Facebook a while ago and wish them well. Hope Melbourne supports them!

  2. I saw this on Mel: Hot or Not this morning as well. It's such a great concept, I'd love to see something like that thrive. Heck - I'd love to be DOING something like that for a living. What a dreamy job!