Sunday, February 08, 2009

February 2, 2009: Douple-striped pasta

How to make that tasty tomato-striped pasta even more stripey?

With stripey pasta! It's from Mediterranean Wholesalers.

Though it loses some of its vibrancy during cooking, it's still a pretty variation on the dried pasta I usually rely on.


  1. How does the tomato/spinach flavour hold up? I've never been keen on flavoured/coloured pastas because the taste never comes out, but I'm willing to be persuaded!

    PS - Why didn't you come to the deli and say hello in Safeway today! *cries*

    PPS - Do you know of anyone who is looking for somewhere to live? I have a room available in my North Fitzroy home.


  2. Liz, there's not a lot of tomato/spinach flavour to speak of but this was the best textured pasta I've made at home in a long time!

    I will email you re: your postscripts. :-)