Sunday, February 22, 2009

February 16-17, 2009: Sushi II

We are on a roll. My sushi habits have progressed from not-eaten-in-years to home-made-every-fortnight. Each roll here includes a subset of:
We would've liked to add some avocado to the party, but it seemed unlikely to survive as we prepared our sushi 24 hours in advance of a picnic. Our expedition to the Moonlight Cinema failed, with the patron two places ahead of Michael in the queue snagging the last tickets, but with stiff upper lips we proceeded to picnic anyway. Kristy and Toby shared beer, soft and 'cheesy' savoury muffins, baked chickpeas, Turkish bread sloshed through olive oil and za'atar, and the creamiest, most delectable coconut fudge. (You can check out the goods over on Kristy's blog.) Neither darkness nor a time-set sprinkler system deterred us and we finished off with a drink at Markov Place before calling it a night. And a fine night at that.


  1. That sounds like the evening I would have liked. Hmm, Markov is a good place to end the night, especially after a moonlight picnic of food that isn't going to kill your insides.

  2. wow! they look amazing! are you coming to the raw potluck?

  3. Heya Bunches - I don't drink enough of Markov's cocktails, considering how close by it is. :-)

    Thanks, Pip! I'll be there (Michael probably won't). See you then, huh?