Thursday, February 12, 2009

February 10, 2009: Maesri curry pastes

Last month I had a little whinge about non-vegetarian curry pastes. A couple of commenters helped out with shrimp-free brands, and I've discovered another one at my local independent supermarket - Maesri. These little tins go for a dollar apiece, are vegan, and every ingredient listed is recognisable as an actual food - no weird chemical codes here!

I cooked up the masaman paste with a can of coconut milk, tofu cubes and lots of fresh chopped vegetables. This is a lot less coconut milk than recommended on the curry can, but I found the spice level bang on and it was even a little too mild for Michael. With a base of steamed rice and a crown of cashews, it made for a fine weeknight dinner (and several great workday lunches). It's by no means an instant meal, but the most time-consuming part is simply chopping up the vegetables.

I'll happily buy this product again, at least until I muster the motivation to make my own bulk curry paste and freeze it in batches.


  1. Ha - that's what I had last night - thai curry with a different paste - now I wish I had had cashews - I cleared out vegies from the fridge and threw in some tofu - have never seen these brands of curry paste but will look out for them

  2. Yay! I'm glad you've found a curry paste that works for you.

    But you should totally try making some, it's lots of fun! :o)

  3. I recently discovered these as well! The massaman is my favourite - that's one I hadn't found a decent version of until now. Love it!

  4. Johanna, we might be eating more of these! I reckon a few cashews make just about any stir-fry taste special.

    Steph - though I've only ground a few curry pastes in my time, Michael's well versed in the art! We'd be enjoying them even more often if only we can get our act together and store some extra portions in the freezer. :-)

    Glad you've already discovered Maesri, Jesska. I noticed today that they're in Safeway, though they cost more there than our nearest independent grocer - I know where I'll keep shopping!

  5. i'll have to see if our local asian grocer sells this brand

  6. Maybe consider stocking up on curry pastes next time you're in the UK - it's harder t find one here with shrimp than it is one without!

  7. There'd be a least half a chance, Pip!

    Really, Boffcat? In that case, they might even make it through Aussie customs. :-)