Sunday, November 11, 2007

November 4-6, 2007: Leftover makeover - Fruity tiramisu and other sundaes

While ferreting around the cupboard I found something that had been there for a long time - some dry Italian biscuits previously used for orange tiramisu and dipping into dessert pesto. The packet was well-sealed so they were still perfectly fine for softening in a slosh of Coitreau and layering into some more fruity tiramisu. I popped mascarpone on my shopping list, but actually picked up something else when I hit the supermarket...

This is a vegan-friendly soy-based cream cheese substitute, and it was on special so I figured I'd give it a shot. It's thick, smooth spreadable consistency is dead on, and the taste is pretty close. There's something in the flavour that isn't quite the same as the real thing, but mixed with a little sugar it is perfect wherever you'd use cream cheese in a dessert. Recipes on the Tofutti website indicate that it can be used in baked and refrigerated cheesecakes.

But I just wanted to layer it up with some other goodies and eat it straight away! Here's what I enjoyed it with over a number of days....

First I combined the Cointreau-soaked biscuits and brown-sugared Tofutti with frozen blueberries and canned passionfruit pulp.

Then I finished off the passionfruit pulp and enjoyed fresh strawberries in place of the blueberries.

For my final trick, I was out of biscuits. But there was no need for them when I had bananas, walnuts and maple syrup on hand! It's the prettiest one pictured up top, and indulged in during daylight hours.


  1. These look beautiful. I read about Tofutti on VeganYumYum, but didn't know you could buy it here in Aus. I'll have to have a closer look at my local shops.

    The banana maple version is gorgeous.

  2. Thanks Kathryn! I'm sure you well know your local health food shops that might stock Tofutti. I was pleasantly surprised to find it at plain old Safeway, near the tofu and soy sausages!

  3. Cindy, this looks right up my alley, YUM!! Vida x

  4. During daylight hours! Good work Cindy.

    I'll keep an eye out for it in the supermarket next time.

  5. They're just the thing for a sweet tooth, Vida. And just think, there's even fruit in them!

    Lucy, the banana-maple number was one indulgent afternoon tea!

  6. It's a good balance with the fruit and all... I do have a conscience you know!!! Vida x

  7. cindy i am intrigued about this tofutti stuff, i've seen it in shops and the name alone warrants a closer look for me! it sounds like tofu gelati :) definitely agree with kathryn the pix of the banana maple is to die for - that's pure unadulterated food pr0n at its best!

    on second thoughts though i had a bad experience with tempeh, which i was curious too as i liked the name, so maybe not???

  8. Thank for the Tofutti intro. Nearly bought some the other day when making a carrot cake. But I do eat dairy so I went for the traditional cream cheese. This was because some of the vegan substitutes have some strange flavours. But I will give the Tofutti a try some time.

    Blessings and bliss from oz Tucker

  9. Thanks Serenity! You could always use fresh cream or cream cheese instead, of course. I was pleasantly surprised that the Tofutti didn't taste at all 'beany' to me, so it might be worth a try.

    Nice to see you, Miss Eagle. I agree that vegan substitutes are quite hit and miss, with the same product even being a hit and a miss to different people! I reckon this could ice a carrot cake quite nicely.

  10. Oooer, this is quite revealing! I've got to make a christmas goodie hamper for a vegan mate of mine, and having this substitute for cream cheese would make my life oodles easier! Will have to stop by safeway tomorrow and hope they have it in the fridge :D

  11. Ellie, I didn't mean to reveal so much... *cough* I'm sure you could do something wonderful with Tofutti for your vegan friend! I hope to see what you come up with on your blog soon.