Wednesday, November 14, 2007

November 10, 2007: Filou's Patisserie

Saturday dawned clear and warm, so Cindy and I decided to head out for breakfast. After stumbling into Filou's Patisserie a couple of weeks ago, I was keen to return and sample some of their pastry-based delights. The nearby park as a sunny, warm eating venue was an added bonus.

My eyes widened in the shop: there are dozens of pastry-based choices and I had to try at least one savoury and one sweet option. The savoury choice was the spinach slice - a lightly toasted pastry wrapped around a spinach and cheese mixture. The mixture was great - heavy on the spinach, with just a smattering of feta-y cheese smooshed through. I polished it off in no time.

For breakfast-dessert, I went for one of the berry danishes (something of a Filou specialty it seems). The pastry was perfect - soft and flaky, with a smear of custard and slightly sour berries. Despite my savoury headstart, I could have eaten two.

Cindy skipped straight to sweets: a wodge of sugary pastry wrapped around a selection of fruity goodness. I didn't get a bite, but Cindy was pretty positive - it tasted as good as it looked apparently.

It's hard to believe that it took us so long to visit a place that is perhaps five minutes walk from our house and is so full of wondrous goodies. We've made two visits in two weeks now, and I imagine we'll be back again and again.

Address: Cnr Fenwick and Lygon Street, Carlton North
Ph: 9347 4029
Price: ~$20 for 3 pastries, 2 juices and a coffee


  1. My fav is the apple slice, it has rhubarb instead of creme. Did you find the secret park in the side street?

  2. You guys live a good life!!! Vida x

  3. Right. Now I really do have to trot off to your side of town.

    I know everyone dreads these things, but I've tagged you for a meme should you be obligation though.

  4. AOF, I was eyeing off two different apple pastries as well as the mixed fruit pastry I eventually chose... next time. I haven't discovered the park! We walked west along the cemetery.

    Yes, Vida, we're lucky kids!

    Already spotted, Lucy! I'll think about which four things I'd like to list four of.

  5. Cindy, I see you are at work!!!! hehehe... Did you catch the last "so you think you can dance"... what do we do with our thursday nights now???? So sad!!! Vida x x x

  6. Hi :)

    Just wanted to ask if you knew of any good places to eat near the corner hotel? Would appreciate any suggestions :) Hope you don't mind...



  7. Of course I did, Vida! Happy to see Sabra win, she was one of my faves. :-) I guess now we just have to wait for the Aussie version, though I'm not sure if I'll enjoy it as much...

    Hi Marina! I think the Corner Hotel has its own kitchen if you want to try eating there. We once had burgers and chips at Urban Burger after hanging out at the Corner and they were pretty good. There are definitely a few other restaurants along Swan St to take a punt on. I hope it's a great night, wherever you eat!

  8. Oh my goodness - only just saw this post and noticed that you had found my article from a few years back about Danish pastries! Thanks! Filou's was definitely the best at the time. I haven't been back for aaaages. Must do!

  9. You're very welcome, Duncan! Michael hadn't actually made the connection between the article and your blog, but we're always happy to tip the hat to a fellow blogger.

    This morning we were bike riding along Lygon St with huge roadworks going on, but the buttery pastry aroma from Filou's was still wafting deliciously down the street.

  10. Sadly a car slammed into the building Nov 2009 and as of March 2010 they are still closed. Talk about pastry withdrawls.

    Though on another note the business was sold a while ago, it's not just the same without the surly loveliness of Filou.

  11. Thanks for the update AOF! We still pass by Filou's semi-regularly, and have been disappointed to observe no progress since that accident.

  12. I've been sad to see no progress too. I tried calling them and it just goes to message bank. Apparently a lot of red tape to work through according to the mutterings online. Hope they get back up and running soon. Can't believe its been nearly 6 months now!