Saturday, November 24, 2007

November 18, 2007: Julio

Edit 2/12/2019: Julio closed some time ago. Now this address holds Mary Miller.

Friends of ours recently moved to North Fitzroy and discovered Julio (slightly later than The Breakfast Blogger, whose always ahead of the game). We joined them for breakfast on a quiet Saturday morning and settled in. It's a smallish place in the front of an old corner store, with seating for maybe 30 people and a fairly casual vibe. The menu is small but impressive, with the focus firmly on their homemade doughnuts. Delicious, delicious doughnuts. We ordered one each, with Cindy and I both going for the custard variety (they also do jam ones). They came out warm and tasty - crispy on the outside but gooey and sweet on the inside. The homemade custard was a fantastic mess oozing out from the middle. They were also huge - much larger than I expected for $3, which was something of a concern given we'd already ordered some breakfast 'mains'.

Cindy asked for avocado on toast and got a couple of thick slices of toast, some fresh avocado and a sprinkling of seasoning. She was pretty full after the doughnut, but was very, very impressed by this - the seasoning was one of those little touches that takes something relatively straightforward and lifts it up to outstanding.

I went for one of the specials: baked eggs with sumac, chilli, yoghurt and spinach. I'm generally a fan of baked eggs, and these were a particular success - perfectly cooked eggs, with a light spice from the chilli and some interesting flavour contrasts from the yoghurt and sumac. I couldn't leave any of it and found myself full to bursting after my two course feast (and my two cups of free-trade coffee).

We were so enamoured with Julio that we returned less than a week later to join in their glorious election night party, thus ensuring that it will have a happy, happy place in our hearts. Hurrah for Julio! (And Kevin. At least until he disappoints).

Address: 171 Miller Street, North Fitzroy
Ph: 9489 7814
Price: $3 - $12


  1. Those donuts look heavenly and I think I might head down and get them first and then have the eggs!! This is the right order, isn't it??!!?? Vida x

  2. Oh, HELLO. Ding dong, I think we're on a winner with this place! Must get to Julio posthaste! Thanks for the heads up, Michael and Cindy :)

  3. Vida, I think it is the right order! Usually I prefer my sweets second, but these doughnuts are in demand and you're better off snagging them early. :-)

    You're welcome, Claire! Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.