Tuesday, November 06, 2007

November 3, 2007: Asparagus ravioli

Another Saturday morning market meant I couldn't resist the lure of cheap organic asparagus, and Fiber (of 28 Cooks) had just the task for it: filling ravioli. The filling is bulked up with protein-rich tofu, has its flavour filled out with grated cheese, and gets that spring sass from, you guessed it, lemon zest. Only I subbed out the lemon zest for finely chopped preserved lemons.

I was planning to use Heidi's tomato sauce recipe over these ravioli but the markets provided an alternative: 4P Organics pasta sauce. My enormous $10 jar of the roasted vege variety was sweet, thick and chunky.

Fiber's recipe makes use of wonton wrappers to make reasonably large ravioli, and I wasn't a big fan of them. I found it incredibly difficult to push all the air out as I sealed them, creating chaotic shapes when I boiled the critters. Then there's that sloppy, kinda slimy texture they have. Not my thing, but Michael loved them. I was happier with my second strategy on the leftovers: stuffing the filling into cannelloni tubes, pouring over the sauce and some cheese, then baking the lot. It's a fine filling for a cool spring night.

For the recipe, head on over to 28 Cooks.


  1. I love the idea of filling cannelloni shells with this - looks amazing!

  2. Looks delish! I have to agree with you on the wonton wrappers for ravioli, they are a bit slimy. But I may be stealing your canneloni idea!

  3. Thanks Fiber - I just can't get enough of those asparagus and lemon flavours at the moment!

    Hi Jackie! I think texture preferences vary a lot from person to person and it looks like we're on the same side here. :-)

  4. Cindy, the canneloni was a definite winner, even the meat eater was impressed! Probably because I made it extremely cheesy, but still...

  5. Jackie, I'm really pleased that you (and the meat eater!) enjoyed it. Tofu can often be a hard sell but as you said, cheese helps. :-)