Monday, December 06, 2010

November 27, 2010: Julio II

Edit 2/12/2019: Julio closed some time ago. Now this address holds Mary Miller.

While Cindy was hard at work whipping up waffles at home, I was standing in the drizzle fruitlessly trying to convince the good voters of Brunswick to swing to the left. After a couple of fairly dispiriting hours, it was time to cast my vote and meet up with Cindy for breakfast across the road at Julio. This cafe is forever associated with politics for me, being the place where we watched the glorious demise of the Howard government in 2007. Despite being across the road from a polling booth, Julio was only about two-thirds full. We secured a table and perused the menu.

Having snuck a doughnut earlier in the morning, I opted for something reasonably healthy - muesli with fruit and yoghurt ($12).

It's always a bit strange paying for muesli, but this was a pretty satisfying breakfast - lots of delicious fruit, a decent combination of fruit and nuts in the muesli and a pleasing dollop of yoghurt.

Cindy also went for something a bit different - Romeo and Juliet (white cheese and quince paste on sourdough, $8.5, see top pic). The cheese was pretty mild, but worked nicely with the sweetness of the quince paste and the excellent bread.

All in all, Julio provided us with a pretty decent breakfast - the coffee was decent, the staff friendly and the doughnuts still pretty excellent. If you're in the neighbourhood, it's well worth stopping by.

Read about our previous visit to Julio here.

Since our last visit, lots of other bloggers have given Julio the thumbs up (fat feminist foodie, Do You Want to Stay for Breakfast?. Food Fable, Fitzroyalty, Words and Flavours, Sleeping Pirate) while others have had more mixed experiences (Never an Idol Moment, Breakies worth getting up for).


  1. Agree, it's totally strange paying for muesli! See also: porridge.

  2. Julio's makes me so sad!! When friends moved in a few doors down we thought it was too good to be true - a cafe, so close! Then we discovered the hit and miss, hot and cold service. Some times its ok, but more often then not I have found it frustrating to get more than a coffee and cake there. Its not ok to wait 45 minutes for a sandwhich or 15 minutes for 2 takeawy coffee's.

  3. I wasn't altogether impressed with Julio's either. I lived around the corner and every time I went there they were out of doughnuts!

  4. I used to go their for coffee before I become a coffee w**ker.

    Cute little cafe but no vegan food. :-{

  5. I cannot myself pay for muesli! But then I do the same with bacon and eggs.. and that's just silly anyway.. but I like it!!

  6. Yeah, Lisa - although if the porridge is fancy enough (unusual grain, stewed fruit) I can sometimes justify it!

    Nicole and Elizabeth - sounds like it's more variable than we've experienced. :-/

    Toby, I think the avo on toast I had on our first visit would have been vegan, though it's not necessarily worth trekking over for!

    Msihua - I think I've become a lot more picky about paying for breakfast out since Michael and I started cooking it (scrambles, beans, pancakes etc) at home. :-)