Thursday, December 30, 2010

December 22, 2010: The Fox Hotel IV

The Fox Hotel's menu is so veg-friendly that even on our fourth visit, Michael and I have yet to repeat an order!  This time we sat in a cosy nook of the dining area and were joined by my mum and her sister Carol.

Michael checked out the Fox homemade vegetarian burger with lettuce, bush tomato relish, cheese, sprouts and tomato with fat chips on the side ($16).  The mixed veg patty passed muster and the relish and chips were more exciting; Michael effortlessly cleaned the plate long before the rest of us were done.

I'd been holding off on ordering the vegetable stack ($17) - I'm prejudiced against them after receiving many, many bad ones from unimaginative caterers, particularly at work-related events.  But after a string of terrific meals at this pub I felt ready to risk it.  The Fox's version is uglier than most -strange, since many of their dishes are smartly presented- but is stacked (ahem) with flavour.  Tomato and eggplant are charred on the outside and silky soft inside, haloumi is plentiful, the green bean layer is a little odd but not unwelcome, the spinach is a more natural green accompaniment, and the underlayer of roasted chat potatoes is sublime.  I don't care for olives, so it's not surprising that I didn't appreciate the messy smear of tapenade over one corner of the spinach. 

We did make one repetition on this evening; Carol and I shared a plate of apple cinnamon gyoza for dessert (previously blogged here).  They're still fabulous, and highly recommended.

Check out our previous visits to the Fox Hotel: one, two, three.  Since then our raving has inspired meveg and Mel: Hot or Not (accompanied by Miss Kish) to give it a go.


  1. That does sound good. I also have a long held prejudice against vegie stacks, mainly from the time about 8-10 years ago when they seemed to be the only vegie option in many restaurants.

  2. Katya - yes! I think the vege stack fad has thankfully waned since then... but the awful memories still haunt a few of us. :-D