Friday, December 03, 2010

November 27, 2010: Ugly duckling waffles

I realise this is probably one of the less attractive waffles you've seen - it looks unevenly cooked and actually rather burnt in places.

But I need you to know that they're not charred!  They're choc chipped and they're my new favourite snack.

To make them I just went along with my rum-banana waffle recipe, doubling the quantity of mashed banana and stirring 1 cup of dark chocolate chips through the batter just before cooking.

These ugly ducklings' varied flavours and textures provide plenty of interest and don't want for any syrup, cream or other condiment - I've been eating them unadorned, straight from the toaster.


  1. So the waffle machine was a good investment!!

  2. Personally, I like things a little charred (or "caramelised") anyway ;) Shall we be the kaya waffle anytime soon...? :P

  3. Lisa - I've been making mighty good use of it so far! We'll see if the novelty wears off down the track...

    Hannah - I'm still trying to work out what flavour waffle might best suit the kaya! Pandan perhaps, or black sesame?