Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December 12, 2010: Sugardough III

Michael picked out these cute Sugardough sweets for dessert on my birthday night in - individually (but generously) portioned cherry chocolate creme brulee and citron tart.  In the end dinner was so late and filling that we deferred them to the next day, with me gleefully consuming my share of each for breakfast.

I like the way Sugardough present their desserts - they're neat and pretty and have a hand-made charm about them.  But honestly, I think they're the kind of thing a half-decent baker can pull off (I'll humbly submit this lemon slice and this chocolate berry custard as worthy home-made alternatives), though perhaps not in such variety on any given day.  Sugardough's versions were sweeter than I would prefer but a delight to eat nonetheless.

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  1. I think I know what you mean about sugardough's desserts - though i love the bombolini (I think that is what the filled donuts are called) which I wouldn't make at home.

    I think you hit upon an interesting point with cafes - sometimes you want something sweet without having to whip it up at home and honestly how many cafes try to pull it off and it is too big or too dry or not quite right - I think if a cafe can actually give you food as good as you make at home they are doing well.

    I think Sugardough is an excellent choice for a birthday treat!

  2. Good point, Johanna - I wouldn't presume to make bombolini like those at home either! And it is otherwise a treat to get one's pick of home-style sweets without even preheating the oven. :-)