Monday, January 26, 2009

January 25, 2009: Chocolate almond figs

These chocolate almond figs kinda start with the Radical Grocery. I first noticed these peeps at World Vegan Day, picked up their card and checked out their website. I admired their M.O. - ethical, sustainable, environmentally friendly, vegan, organic, fair trade - even if it's overlong and overused in this bourgeois food-blogging bubble that I live in. There's a more succinct alternative on their website - "Because we give a shit".

Since then I've been introduced to Radical Grocery mastermind Anikee and on Sunday I had a chance to check out the new RG headquarters, a super-cute shopfront on Sydney Rd next to Scavengers and just across the street from the Don Bosco op-shop. (Don't rush out there just yet! Though the website currently says otherwise, it's most likely that the Radical Grocery will first open its doors for business at noon on Sunday, February 8. Then rush, rush, rush!) These chocolate almond figs were the shop-warming gift that I hastily cobbled together and brought along.

Here's how the recipe goes. Slice whole dried figs in half. Stuff an almond into each half. Coat the almond-fig-halves in melted dark chocolate. Refrigerate or freeze until firm. If you have more chocolate and time, chocolate-coat and cool them once more. There's no need to be neat; either way they'll be velvety and sweet. And they'll sweeten the day of everyone you share them with.


  1. You're doing great healthier sweet things at the moment Cindy. These and the cardamon, coffee infused dates look delicious.

  2. Oh, figs and almonds are a godsend.

    In this heat, I fear chocolate though.

    And I will definitely check out Radical Grocery, just down my alley!

  3. Thanks, Kathryn! It must be the warm weather and my limited enthusiasm for baking. Fruit ranks a highly, even if I do sneak in some coffee or chocolate. :-)

    Bunches, the chocolate was fine on the gorgeous 25-degree day that I made and ate these. Today, not so much!

  4. The figs were amazing! I want more! And I can't wait until Radical Grocery open - they are close enough for me to go there all the time. Most excellent.

  5. Thanks Lisa! Might see you at the RG opening later today. :-)