Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January 10, 2009: Greenhouse

Greenhouse by Joost, though it's only operating until January 29, has certainly grabbed its share of food-blogging attention. It's a paragon of trendy design and coffee culture, but at its heart is a message of innovation and sustainability. The families day-tripping to Federation Square don't seem to mind it, either.

We stopped by for a drink after our lunch at Base Kamp - it proved a charming and novel space to do so on a sunny afternoon. Michael's flat white ($3.50) looked just like Ryan's, and my iced coffee ($4.50) was just dandy without the usual icecream.

To my surprise, most of the menu listed on the blackboard was vegetarian (at least on this day). The quiches and rolls are visible in a display case at the bar, along with a few cakes and slices. The hedgehog slice ($3.50) was smooth and rich, not grainy with sugar as they can be. The portion size was just right, though it was dwarfed by the mighty particle board it was served upon. (I've not minded the plank-as-platter approach in the past, but this seems like overkill!)

If it were a permanent fixture I'd probably only visit Greenhouse occasionally but it's certainly worth a drink, a gander, and a moment of thought before it 'instantly deconstructs, leaving not a single trace of waste', to paraphrase the official website.

Address: Federation Square, next to ACMI, Flinders St, Melbourne CBD
Website: www.greenhousebyjoost.com


  1. I too am guilty of a Greenhouse post! They've certainly created something worth posting about - the homestyle lemonade was delicious :)

  2. Ha, all that linking would have rendered me disabled to finish the post.

    Oh, I love it. And sadly, I have been there more and more and more...it doesn't help that after parties have been there.

    And yes, most of the time, almost all of their menu is vegetarian. Makes sense if you think about it with the zero carbon emissions statement and all.

    I'm glad you finally made it there!

  3. I've seen this on so many other places like you mentioned. I really must get down there, it really looks interesting

  4. I've been hearing about Greenhouse all around the place, and I wish I could make it down! I'm really loving the idea behind it, and lament not being able to get a closer look at it. I especially want to check out the walls.

  5. Looks like an interesting place but don't know if I will make it there if it closes so soon - I arranged to go there with a friend late last year but it was closed for a function - and then I just forgot about it!

  6. Jesska, I love homestyle lemonade! I wish I'd noticed it, though I might not have been in the mood straight after lunch.

    Bunches, there wouldn't have been so many links if you hadn't blogged this place so many times! :-P Actually, it's just a symptom of my day-job as a researcher - citation, citation, citation!

    You've a little less than two weeks to try it, Maria. :-)

    AVAT, the walls are cool and varied! Some open frames, some hay bales, others rows upon rows of potted strawberries. :-)

    That's a shame, Johanna! We don't get to that part of the city very often either.

  7. Tim and I walked past greenhouse yesterday after spending a lovely sfternoon wandering round the ngv seeing the rennie ellis exhibition. I was very curious to go in and have a look but was too nervous because my boss was heavily involved in planning the menu and organising greenhouse and I just didn't want to risk running into him! pathetic i know. it's funny because his other business, the one i work for, is far from environmentally sustainable or particulalry veg friendly! I did spy the veggies growing on the greehouse roof which was a little thrill!

  8. Philippa, I reckon we've all got a social hang-up or two like that. :-) Most of the food seemed to include eggs, though I noticed Bonsoy by the coffee machine!