Thursday, January 15, 2009

January 11, 2009: La Panella II

The three reasons, pictured above, to visit La Panella aren't anything new. The incredible mushroom pies are only $2 (extra for sauce!), the fine'n'flaky sausage rolls go for $1.50, and the cute (admittedly room temperature) cinnamon donuts are 4 for $1.

It's just that Lisa showed me something I hadn't seen before - a gorgeous bike path running through the middle of St Georges Road. And even a pathetic cycling specimen like me can go the distance.

(You can read about our previous visit to La Panella here.)


  1. nice pic of the bike path - it is such a great way to travel south to north or vice versa - so long as you watch out for cars! Quite a few of my colleagues travel up and down it to the uni on a daily basis (and I know there have been accidents on the rare occasion)

  2. I just found this place too, the first bit of the pie I nearly went back to the bakery to check... If you've made it that far up, you should drop past Ganaeshaas Villa, 4B Cramer Street. Great thali's for $8

  3. I find that bit of bike path a bit scary - there are regular bits of road crossing it just as you gather speed you have to slam on the brakes so you don't crash into a car :( But the palms are very pretty and best of all - it's flat!

  4. If I had taken a photo of the food before gutsing it down, I would call my blog post 'in which I eat my words and discover the magic of Preston pies...' How do they make them SO GOOD?! Will be revisiting soon, yum.

  5. Johanna and AOF, thanks for your safety warnings re: the bike path! I was on it again this weekend and was (and will be) mindful of the crossways - lovely as the palms are, they don't always give cars and cycles a clear view of each other. I love the amount of flat leisurely riding that can be enjoyed 'round here. :-)

    Thanks for the tip, Nudbot! We've heard of Ganaeshaas but not yet been there, and we love a good thali.

    Lisa, as a lifetime sausage roll preferrer, I must reluctantly concur that these pies are amazing.