Sunday, May 25, 2008

Yummy blog award

Pam has generously passed on the Yummy Blog Award to where's the beef?. The Yummy blog award is an award given to blogs with yummy recipes/photos. Even though our being vegetarian is closely linked our personal ethics, the main purpose of this blog is to show that vegetarian food is just plain yummy! So we're mighty pleased that Pam reckons we've succeeded.

Winners of the award are also asked to nominate their favourite desserts. Michael doesn't have a long history of dessert preparation or consumption, though he does seem to have a soft spot for fruit pies and pastries, as well as baked cheesecakes. I, on the other hand, was born with a dessert spoon in my mouth. I bookmark and try new dessert recipes often and only occasionally repeat them. However I have an abiding love of dark chocolate and home made ice cream - the peanut butter chocolate balls and raspberry ripple ice cream I made last summer are good examples. Now as winter rolls around I'm getting into gear for pudding: choc nutella, rhubarb & ginger, and banana butterscotch have proved winners in the past, and I've got another one to show you in just a few days!

The blogs that have been making me go mmmm for sweets lately would have to be:
So I, in turn, pass the Yummy Blog Award on to these two capable cooks.


  1. Thank you so much Cindy for nominating me, it was lovely of you!! I felt really honored! Will post about the yummy blog award as soon as possible! I'm slightly busy at the moment! Thanks again! I'm glad there are people out there who appreciates my bakings!

  2. It's a pleasure, HH. :-) I hope you find some quiet time soon for more delicious baking.

  3. Thank-you!! I'm stoked. I'll have to bake something new to celebrate. :o)

    xox Sarah

  4. Good work Cindy and Michael. You guys have got more blogging awards of late than Tom Hanks has Oscars.

    And I like the new photo. Very ABBA like.

    "Mamma mia, here I go again, my, my, how I can resist chocolate."

  5. You're welcome, Sarah! Anything to inspire more desserts on your blog. :-D

    Heh, Thanh, that's gotta be the first time either of us has been compared to Tom Hanks! (Though Michael is incredibly wholesome and amiable...) ABBA as performed in Muriel's Wedding is probably closer to the mark. :-)