Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May 25, 2008: Nutty carrot'n'cumin roast

With plenty of time to cook on Sunday night, I set about preparing some winter warmers. First up was this cumin, carrot and cashew nut roast from Wendy of A Wee Bit of Cooking. I first caught sight of it when Johanna presented her Neb at Nut Roast blog event last month. Since I ground my own cashews and breadcrumbs they took a loooong time from pantry to plate, the four serves really are a bit on the small side, and I seriously overestimated the amount of cumin I was supposed to add. Nevertheless they were tasty and substantial, earning high praise from Michael.

We topped them with a little mayonnaise and ate them alongside mixed green leaves and baked fennel. The baked fennel was a little experiment on my part - though the segments ended up looking a bit dry, they were tender with chewy caramelised edges. This has become my favourite way to get to know unfamiliar vegetables - a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper and 20 minutes in the oven seems to bring out their best.

If you'd like to try this cute and comforting carrot'n'cumin roast for yourself, head on over for A Wee Bit of Cooking.


  1. Did you bake them in muffin moulds? They look very cute! I'm impressed that you ground your own cashews and breadcrumbs. :)

  2. Agnes, a food processor is a wonderful thing - grinding stuff like nuts and bread is easy (though it makes for more washing up :-P).

    Yep, I used ramekins to bake the mini-roasts! They popped out with surprisingly little trouble too.

  3. these look superb - worth a bit of grinding - and I agree with you about roasting being one of the finest ways of appreciating new vegetables

  4. Very glad you enjoyed them! :)

  5. Thanks Johanna. There are so many months of roasting ahead!

    Wendy, the leftovers were brilliant served with vegetable korma sauce. :-)