Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May 25, 2008: wwwash II

It's been a long time between wwwashes, but I can confirm that they're still making mighty fine crepes. Vegetarian? Into poached eggs? You're in luck - there are five such crepes on the menu, at $10-12 each, with adornments such as spinach, roasted capsicum, dukkah and/or lemon aioli. Not into eggs? The mushroom, spinach, ricotta and lemon filling is still a winner. And then there's the sweet ones - I wish I had room.

You can read about our last visit to wwwash here.

Edit 13/11/08: Wwwash is now the Wick - it's neither a laundromat nor an internet cafe, but it still does crepes! Read more at fitzroyalty and unwakeable.


  1. hi! do you know where wash has moved to?? they have closed down and in its place is a new cafe which barely sells anything!

  2. No, sorry! We haven't been back since that trip in May and weren't even aware that it had disappeared. :-/

    We'll update our posts if we do find out any info.