Sunday, May 25, 2008

May 24, 2008: Lord of the Fries

On our way to Game On the other week, I noticed the original Lord of the Fries (on the corner of Flinders and Elizabeth Streets) selling new nuggets! However, after getting our game on, we retired to the newer LOTF stand across from Federation square at Flinders St station - there were no nuggets to be found here.

So Lisa beat me to blogging them, sampling the nuggets on the same weekend that I had hoped to. A few weeks later I was offered a second chance while running a few city-based errands.

These are advertised as vegan, gluten free, and $3.95 for 8 nuggets and a classic sauce. I actually received 11 of the little fellers, which is more in keeping with the asking price. I'm really surprised that these are gluten free, since the springy texture reminds me of the gluten-based faux meats I've eaten elsewhere. Hot and deep-fried, they are salty and delicious. The Thai style sauce, tasting of peanut butter and curry powder, is an ideal partner. Props to LOTF for packaging the sauces so generously - there is no rationing required.

These tasty nuggets are very much snack size only, but the chips and burgers are an easy temptation if you're more hungry.

(You read about two of our many past visits here and here.)


  1. Wait, so... I've read both your post and Lisa's post but I'm none the wiser as to what these nuggets are made of... should I read between the lines regarding your gluten-based faux meats comment and infer that they're made of tofu? Or are they made from bits of fries? :)

  2. Claire, I'm really not sure but they're intended to imitate chicken nuggets... probably soy or some other vegetable protein? They're certainly much chewier than tofu.

  3. I have no idea what they're made of but I'm not surprised it's not gluten, they're very juicy (gluten tends to be a bit drier). Anyway, they are very yum. I actually didn't have mine with dipping sauce (feeling petulant because they were out of gravy) but next time I will definitely try them with something.

  4. Hi Lisa! I hadn't noticed that gluten-based faux meats tend to be drier, but must admit that I tend to eat them all smothered in sauce. :-P