Sunday, May 25, 2008

May 22, 2008: Baked tomatillo salsa

On our recent visit to Casa Iberica I picked up a large can of tomatillos. My one previous brush with tomatillos, where they constituted a broth, didn't reveal much about the fruit's flavour. So the first step was undoubtedly to drain them and have a little taste! I've learned how my mind and senses combine to fool me, and it's difficult to know how the signals of tomato-texture and definitely-not-tomato-colour influenced my sense of taste. These canned tomatillos struck me as tangier than tomatoes, though otherwise very similar.

Michael prepared a dinner of black bean tofu tacos, while I decided to adapt Kurma's easy-bake salsa recipe to my green alternative. Mashing the tomatillos roughly; combining them with a chopped green chilli, a glug of olive oil and a few spoonfuls of brown sugar; baking the lot in a hot oven for half an hour; this was all it took to achieve the sweet and sour condiment you see above.


  1. never had tomatillos and didn't know you could get them in a tin - must mosey along to casa iberica some time (and remember to taste a tomatillo au naturel before I throw them in some pot)

  2. Johanna, I'd certainly like to read another perspective on the tomatillo. :-)