Friday, May 09, 2008

May 3, 2008: Casa Iberica

It's been a long time since I passed Hispanic grocer Casa Iberica during its opening hours, but on this Saturday I resolved to get there convincingly before its noon closing time. I was rewarded not only with cans of black beans and tomatillos, but with custard tarts. At $1.70 each or three for $4.50, we had to go the triple treat.

They were smooth and sweet, and the brown spots were deliciously caramelised. The only negative was a lingering greasiness on the roof of the mouth.


  1. You know, I went past Casa Iberica every single day of my 5.5 year uni course... and STILL haven't gotten around to going in and shopping! Oh the shame!

    xox Sarah

    p.s. I can't boil an egg either. I always have to refer to the recipe in Nigella's Feast, and even then I often over or undercook them. :S

  2. Cindy, I so agree, that grease film is revolting!!! I think they use lard or worse in the pastry, it certainly is not butter, pity! We will have to make our own, puff pastry really isn't hard to make! Vida x

  3. Sarah, I wasn't as much of a food browser as a uni student so I don't blame you! And I feel much better to know that you're as egg-challenged as we are. :-D

    DIY puff pastry, Vida?! Even Duncan doesn't make his own puff pastry. ;-) If you've got the right tart recipe maybe I should try this at home.